54 percent of our waking hours is spent at work


The annual Sodexo Workplace Report was released around a week ago and based on the data it revealed, 54 percent of our waking hours is spent at work. And as according to the report, the future workplace will be as much about living as it is about working, in order to be successful, companies will need to make the work meaningful for their employees. The workforce already today is looking for more relevant and meaningful work; people are looking for training, flexibility and of course, a good working environment; not to mention rewards and recognition.

Sodexo 2014 Workplace Trends Report offers everyone interested information and insights on how companies can create the experience their employees are really looking for, experience that would create more attachment to their organization.

“The key to creating engaged employees lies in the experience you create for them at work. It’s not only understanding how to enhance their productivity and engagement; it’s also about uncovering and executing on ways to improve their quality of life.” said Michael Norris from Sodexo.

The report acknowledges that the work world is changing fast and today trends that didn’t even exist 10 years ago, come to play. The report also includes an article about new jobs/careers that might become available in 2030. Like Energy Harvester, Green Career Coach, Chief Experience Officer and so on.

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