A Blend of Software Can Make Your Building More Energy Efficient

Panoptix solution
Panoptix solution

How can software make your building more energy efficient? Johnson Controls, leader in building efficiency, can answer that question. But before we get into details, you should know that 40 percent of world’s energy is consumer by buildings.

“Buildings are hidden factories that consume natural resources and produce carbon, ” says David Clark, vice president of Panoptix, Johnson Controls and continues, “most people don’t consider the energy consumed by the buildings they pass by every day.”

To track your building, be it an office building or your home, Johnson Controls has created Panoptix solution that was introduced back in 2011 at the Greenbuild Expo in Toronto. It’s been created with the help of their know-how in building technologies and systems integration. Meant for building owners as well as operators, its goal is to help improve energy efficiency and building performance. Driven by cloud-based apps, it can give you information about each system and subsystem real time, helping you to see where efficiency could and should be improved and also how.

With more than hundred years of experience, Johnson Controls’ new Panoptix® solution is the way to go to control and improve your building efficiency. Interested in more? Feel free to check out their website at www.johnsoncontrols.com/panoptix and see the information in the player below.

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