Appiphany Technologies to launch first kids brand for mixed martial arts

Appiphany Technologies
Appiphany Technologies

Appiphany Technologies (OTCBB: APHD) is a company that is trying out new ways for the sake of bringing the consumers new, fun, and interactive entertainment. With one main goal in mind, to blend physical and virtual worlds in each of their products, they recently announced the coming of the world’s first 3D animated brand for kids. Based on the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), the new brand, MMA Animals will truly be a new experience for the players.

It’s not just a game, it’s an interactive story where users will be able to basically choose their own adventure depending on their game play, their answers to questions or achieving different goals. MMA Animals will be consisting of eight interactive stories and eight different characters. Each character will be from a different region of our planet and have their own special skill sets, with one being the main one. For example, Ruran is expert in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which he started teaching at the age of 10. His fighting styles are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Muay Thai and Vale Tudo.

Other characters come with their own backgrounds, stories and skills.

The new MMA brand is expected to launch in Q3 of 2013.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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