How to Build Real Authority Backlinks?

Authority Backlinks
Authority Backlinks

Having backlinks to your website is something that every website owner hopes to achieve. The more backlinks you may get out there, the more visitors you can bring in to your website. More visitors means much more business, and also, rakes in higher earnings. When link building, you have to ensure that you get links with real authority.

Quality is more necessary than quantity in the backlinks you create, particularly when you have a business. You may get backlinks from sources which are authoritative, using a couple of simple methods which are popular nowadays:

Guest posts:

These days, the easiest method to get a link on a website or web page that is authoritative is by way of guest posts. This is one of the most effective ways since it is upfront and does not require any Google-hated “methods”. You are basically using some thing you need to get some thing you wish, your articles for the link. Other than having the backlink, you have additional advantage of getting your content appear on a powerful domain which allows you build your reputation.

A good website can have its own links which could be a great entry point for you specifically if you are fresh in the business. Study properly to be able to find the best related websites which are more ready to accept guest posting, and discover the number of backlinks the hosting website permits. Attempting to stuff so many backlinks may cause them all to be disapproved.


A method which has usually been ignored while looking for backlinks is the use of testimonials. You will get good backlinks using this method. Same with guest posts, you will be getting some thing from what you have given. In this case, your testimonial, which can be very worthwhile for a business, is given in return for the link.

A lot of companies solicit for testimonials off their customers because they recognize how important this is for the business. The majority of potential customers will purchase a service or product depending on other customers testimonials. Many vendors or suppliers that you handle will be glad towards your testimonial and you can get your link back from their websites.


It is a wide area for you to approach people you know to obtain backlinks on their websites. Most people today have personal websites and blogs, and you will get high quality backlinks from them. Ask your employees, any experts you may have, your vendors and other people you touch in your business.

This is a smart way to obtain backlinks where you may get the opportunity to utilize the anchor text as you like. You may also talk to some of your clients who may be ready to help.

Internal links:

Internal linking is also ignored as a way of having targeted backlinks. Internal links are the backlinks that go from one page to another in the same website, say your site. This can be a effective way to drive visitors, raise your rank, and improve sales. These links have a number of advantages such as the fact that they allow users to browse a website easily. They also help to generate a structure of information for the website and spread ‘link juice’ to various websites.

Target keywords and free tools:

These kind of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION tools can assist you to handle your website more effectively, while generating the visitors you require. Keep an eye on the keywords, which you would like to increase your ranking for. When you do this, you can take benefit of guest post opportunities to use the keywords and phrases. By using the various tools which have names with high-volume keywords, you can bring in high quality backlinks. It will help once you have great content and free tools that people may wish to access.

When you use the methods above, you are able to build high quality backlinks which will last even when the Google algorithms change focus. When composing any articles, it is always helpful to write something interesting. Overall, if people are not interested in reading whatever you have to say, no amount of backlinks can help you.

It will help to be passionate about what you are writing about. If you fail to write good content, find the services of a skilled writer. You must also constantly reply to blog comments in order to motivate the readers to come back to your website. The more returning visits they make, the more likely they are to link to your articles.

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