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The term “authority site” is thrown around quite a bit in the internet marketing world, but what does “authority site” really mean or more precisely, what makes a site an authority site?

True authority sites are usually massive in size, and have such strong brand recognition that type-in traffic or direct traffic makes up a large portion of all the traffic they receive.

True authority sites are sites like:

Building a true authority site takes tons of resources and branding. Both of which require lots of money.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have millions of dollars laying around or investors lining up at my door to start the next big authority site.

But, that’s ok.

We don’t need to build true authority sites to in order to have a successful website or to reach our income goals, but we also don’t want to be building small micro niche sites either.

If you aren’t familiar with micro-niche sites, they were all the rage just a short while ago. The whole idea was that all you needed to do was create lots of small sites targeting one keyword with around five pages of content with all of the content targeting pretty much the same keyword.

All you had to do was find a highly profitable keyword with low competition and the cash would start rolling in.

That type of strategy worked pretty well a couple of years ago, but not anymore.


Google wants to see lots of pertinent information on your website. They now value reader experience over anything else, so your sites need to give your reader substance and value and micro-niche sites don’t fit that criteria.

What we want to build are sites that fit somewhere between a micro-niche site and a true authority site. I like to call these mini-authority sites.

So…what makes a site a mini-authority site?

These are the components which make up what I consider a mini-authority site:
? A minimum of 15-20 pages of unique, professionally written, value driven content
? Content that is easily ‘shareable’ and potentially viral
? Lots of images and videos in every post
? Professional look and feel
? Brand potential

Building profitable mini-authority sites isn’t rocket science. Sure it takes a little bit of work to get going, but once you get the hang of it and get into a rhythm, you can create sites in no time.

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