Bengaluru: 400 Ola customers’ details leaked thanks to manual error


Chennai-based freelance writer Swapnil Midha has been flooded with SMSs from Ola every few minutes. All these SMSs contain details of Ola customers in Bengaluru!  She received information about nearly 400 clients of Ola.

As reported by Bangalore Mirror, Midha immediately contacted Ola to tell them what had happened. Apparently, a few weeks back, Midha had used the Ola app to book a cab. Post this, her mobile phone has been flooded with messages containing details of clients. Each time Midha called Ola, she was apparently assured that the problem would be sorted out but it wasn’t.

Since it looked like Ola wasn’t taking any action, Midha was apparently forced to call some customers’ whose details she had received and tell them what had transpired. Midha also wrote a Faebook page post that went viral. It was post this, Ola allegedly resolved the issue. They have stated that it was due to a manual error.


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