Benjamin Franklin


A large number of stamps of the United States, including popular first stamp issued by USA, bear a likeness of Franklin.

Franklin was one of the most noted careers among all the great careers of Americans.  Born in Boston in 1706, he struggled against adversity and secured an education, taking the trade of printer, in which he became famous in Philadelphia, the city of his adoption.  In science, he was also notable, his electrical researches first proving that lightning and electricity were identical.  Many other scientific discoveries are accredited to him.

Probably he was best known in his role of statesman.  In colonial days he was prominent in affairs of state. During the Revolution he was sent as Ambassador to France to secure the aid of that country in the war for Independence.  He was also Governor of Pennsylvania for several Terms, having been elected unanimously.  He was Postmaster at Philadelphia, was Postmaster General under royal appointment during the colonial days, thus serving Canada as well as what is now the United States. It is probably for this reason that the United States always honors him by using his picture on one of its stamps, the lowest denomination usually bearing his face, except since 1912 when the custom was reversed and all values above the 10c bear his picture.

Some of the stamps on which his face appears cost small fortunes.  His genial and fatherly face is quite familiar to all collectors of the stamps of the United States.  He died at Philadelphia on April 17th, 1790.

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