Bitwage and Xapo Offer New Debit Card


This morning, bitcoin payroll service Bitwage announced that it would be partnering with Xapo to offer an international bitcoin payroll debit card.

This new card is geared towards international employers and their workers, as Bitwage’s blockchain-based payroll service will be combined with Xapo’s global service area to bring the debit card to over 170 countries. Users of this new card will be able to withdraw in their local currencies, while employers can send international payments across the blockchain using bitcoin. allowing them to avoid the high fees and long waiting periods associated with traditional international payment services. Users will also be able to spend with bitcoin through Xapo’s bitcoin debit card system. Just like with a normal Xapo debit card, users will deposit bitcoin into their Xapo wallets, which will be drawn upon when a purchase is made with the Bitwage card.

The Bitwage International Debit Card will start out in a beta release. Anyone that signs up for this beta will get a debit card for free. The card is not available to people in the United States, although it will work in the US. Therefore, people visiting the US will be able to use their Bitwage debit cards to withdraw United States Dollars or spend with bitcoin. People can sign up for the beta release at Bitwage’s website.

Image courtesy of Bitwage.

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