Blockai Launches Blockchain ‘Web Browser’


Blockai is the project of Nathan Lands, who created the QuickCoin project — a Bitcoin wallet for Facebook. Lands used QuickCoin as the basis for Blockai, creating a blockchain-based social stream that he hopes will bring people into the digital currency world through a non-financial avenue.

Instead of focusing on using Bitcoin as a currency, Blockai will expose people to other applications that can be built on the blockchain. This project will allow people to use the blockchain for sending messages, sign documents, and several other things that do not focus on using the digital currency for purchases. Therefore, Blockai is essentially a blockchain social network; users make accounts, upload profile pictures, and share other users’ posts with the love button.

Of course, there will be an option to use Bitcoin. Blockai users will get a Bitcoin wallet once they make their accounts, and they can load it with coins to send micropayments to their friends.

Critics of non-financial uses of the Bitcoin blockchain will create bloat and slow down the network. To address these concerns, Lands and his team will be actively monitoring the amount of stress Blockai puts on the Blockchain, and will try to minimize the amount of bloat it creates.

Image courtesy of Blockai. 

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