Buying Stamps


Are you new to the world of stamp collecting? Stamp collecting is a treasured hobby that people around the world have enjoyed for centuries. If you’re just starting out, there are some things you should know before spending your hard-earned money on collectible stamps.

The first thing you’ll need is to make sure you have the proper stamp collecting supplies. You will need a sturdy album with acid-free pages to display and store your stamps, stamp hinges to safely affix the stamps to album pages, and glassine envelopes for stamps that aren’t ready to be placed in the album. You’ll also need a pair of stamp tongs, because using your hands to handle stamps can cause severe damage. Choose tongs in either plastic or stainless steel, that aren’t too sharp.

The next thing you’ll need to know is how to determine an authentic collectible stamp from a fake. This is where a watermark detector can come in handy. Another option is to only purchase stamps from reputable dealers who offer certificates of authenticity. Also, doing your research before buying can help you determine whether a stamp is the real thing or a fake.

There are many places where you can buy stamps. You can visit stamp shops in your area, or go to stamp shows and conventions. Another option is to shop online. There are a variety of etailers that specialize in selling collectible stamps. You can also find rare stamps on Ebay. When buying stamps on Ebay, however, make sure you deal with an experienced and knowledgeable stamp seller that has a high feedback rating. This will ensure that you’re getting an authentic collectible stamp for the right price.

One good idea is to join an association or group for stamp collectors. This way, you can network with stamp collecting experts who can advise you on all aspects of collecting stamps. Also, you can swap, buy and sell stamps with other collectors. There are groups that meet in person, and groups you can join online. Check MSN groups, Google groups and Yahoo groups for great stamp collecting groups you can join!

Stamp collecting doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby — it can easily be enjoyed for very little money! Many collectors get into stamp collecting first as a hobby, and over the years, work up to buying stamps for investment purposes.

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