Casting is over, it’s time to compete

Worst Cooks In America

Worst Cooks In America

The worst of the worst, the most disastrous cooks in the country were sought, in ages 18 to 70. Really bad cooks, people with kitchen anxiety or food phobias, people whose dishes their friends tend to feed the dog with. Friends and families of such “great” cooks were invited to nominate the ones they know that would fit the bill.

Now the casting is over and 14 recruits have been chosen for the fifth season of Worst Cooks In America. All of the fourteen kitchen disasters will be competing against each other for the chance to win the grand prize of $25 000. Fortunately they won’t have to do it all on their own. They are divided into two teams, both lead by a celebrity-chef-mentor. The team leaders, mentors, are Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell. During the first four seasons, Anne has been more successful in her mentoring than Bobby, taking three wins against Bobby’s one. This time…who knows.

“Watching Anne and Bobby compete and teach these truly kitchen-challenged contestants is both hilarious and inspiring,” said Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Food Network. “With the help of these masters, the contestant’s comical mishaps early on lead to some serious cooking chops and remarkable transformations.”

The challenges the show will present the recruits with are from milking a cow to preparing a three-course meal to…well, everything in between.

So if that sounds like something you’d like to watch, don’t hesitate to switch to Food Network on Monday, February 17th at 9pm ET/PT.

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