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Most of the Facebook users try to edit our list of interests, photo albums and experiment with profile photo hacks. We weigh carefully whether we want to ‘Like’ this page or that, because we wonder how that information will be inferred.  And we’re always just a little bit, well, bored with our profiles.

Enter Facebook FlipYourProfile, a new Facebook application slash browser plugin that allows you to replace your profile photo with a video. That’s right. You no longer have to have a boring still image in your profile photo box. You can have a moving, breathing, sound-generating profile video on loop.

This application was built by Cisco and DDB Singapore as a way of promoting the former’s line of Flip video cameras. The application has two catches: First, only those who have the plugin installed will be able to see your video, otherwise they’ll just see your regular Facebook profile photo. Thus, if you want your friends to see your new profile video, you’ll need to persuade them to install it (and perhaps upload a video to their own profiles as well). Secondly, an ad saying, “Amazing! You can post videos on your Facebook profile. Get the app to view my profile vid,” will be automatically posted to your wall should you decide to upload a video, which is rather annoying.

Are you Still interested? Follow these four steps to upload your own Facebook profile video.

* Go to and download the browser plugin for Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE.
* Restart your browser.
* Connect your profile with the app.
* Shoot and send video by e-mailing a video from your Flip Video cam to, or by using the Profile Maker to shoot a video using your webcam or to upload an existing video (less than 10MB, .flv, .mp4, h.264 only).

If you’re using, your iPhone to shoot video, you’ll need to use a free file converter like Get Miro to convert your .mov file to one of the compatible formats. You should also shoot your video in horizontal mode; otherwise, it will appear sideways on your profile.

Try it out for yourself and share what you think.

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