ChangeTip Integrates with Disqus


Disqus is a popular commenting service used by many online media websites, including the largest Bitcoin news outlets. ChangeTip, the largest bitcoin tipping service, has integrated with Disqus, allowing readers to tip one another in the comment sections of their favorite media sites.

News of this integration came with Victoria van Eyk, ChangeTip’s Vice President community developer tipped a commenter on a CoinDesk article. After receiving the bitcoin tip, the commenter asked van Eyk when ChangeTip had been integrated into the Disqus system. Van Eyk replied saying, “Just recently. Hans’t been announced formally :)”

ChangeTip seems to be expanding at a fairly fast pace, as they just announced a few days ago that they had integrated their tipbot into’s chat service. Now, Twitch viewers can send tips to their favorite streamers via the chat box on the streamers’ channels.

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