Chocolate Stamp


On the 3rd of March 2002, Switzerland once more brought a new dimension to modern philately. After having explored the borders of the printing procedures by means of the embroided stamps, it now presents the first chocolate stamp. The theme of chocolate is not new, i.e. in 1998 Belgium released a stamp dedicated to this theme. There aren’t a lot of other exemples yet, but isn’t it perhaps a nice idea for a new thematic collection?

The term “chocolate stamp”, however, is a little misleading, since it is mainly the smell of chocolate which is captured in the stamp. Just scratch the stamp a little, and you’ll experience the familiar, sweet smell of chocolate. The particularly realistic image of silver paper really provides the stamp with a fine finishing touch. Especially the 15-piece square is beautiful.

Given the attention which is paid to this piece of work, one can expect that the price of this unique stamp will end up just the way the embroided stamp did: on exchange marts, high prices will be paid!

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