Choosing Right Keywords

Selecting Right Keywords
Selecting Right Keywords

You will need to determine what your pages are offering and also determine which words your potential visitors might use in order to search for the pages of your site. You then need to create keywords which are based on those words.

Choosing the right keywords to target is vital to running a successful business online. If you are looking to promote a product then you should consider using the product name as keywords to optimize for.

Problem keywords are another way to maximize the money you can make from your keywords. If the keywords you rank for address a problem, people will be willing to shell out cash for a solution.

Whether the problem is dog training, stopping snoring, or how to play guitar, millions of dollars are made every year by people who sell digital products online to resolve these problems, and other problems people face.

Few tools will tell you how much you can earn selling clicks with Google Adsense, or another related PPC advertising network. With a little research you can aim for keywords that will end up giving you a great return on your investment.

Few Keyword Mistakes to Avoid:

* Optimize for keywords with a low search volume: If few people are searching for your keywords you a #1 ranking won’t do you much good.
* Optimizing for keywords without ads: If you always aim for keywords that people are advertising on already you can rest assured that people are making money already in this niche, so you probably can too.
* Fight Battles You Can Win: If you are just starting out it will be next to impossible for you to rank for highly competitive keywords like “weight loss” which have a huge degree of competition. By using the SEOQuake plugin you can analyze your competition so that you can pick fights that you can win with the least effort.

Take your time with keyword research and carefully choose compelling keywords with a low amount of competition, so that you can start to net a healthy volume of search traffic and make some money once you achieve some solid ranks within Google.

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