Cigna Launches Health Plan App for Apple and Android Devices

Health Plan
Health Plan

Cigna, a company dedicated to helping people improve their health, has just launched a new health plan app for smart phones and tablets with Android or iOS operating system. The app was created to help Cigna’s customers to be smarter about their health, give them more information about doctors, drugs, drugs prices as well as their overall health care spendings, account balances and everything related.

Even though the myCigna Mobile app was just released, Cigna is already planning to release new upgraded app capabilities such as accurate quality and pricing for more than 200 medical procedures based on the always up-to-date personalized customer data, his or her health plan and also available funds on his or her health account.

“With the new Cigna Mobile App we are literally putting the power in the hands of our customers to improve their health, manage their costs, and get the most from their health plan benefits,” said Tom Richards from Cigna. “Now Cigna customers can put their smart phone or tablet to work helping them better manage their health care and save money on their medical costs for a happier and healthier new year.”

Cigna is operating in 30 countries around the globe and has 70 million customer relationships worldwide.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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