Coaching that helps you assess, aspire and achieve a healthier life



Health service company Cigna and global leader in technology, Samsung Electronics, have joined in an effort to offer Samsung Galaxy S5 users coaching that helps the users assess, aspire and achieve a healthier life. Samsung’s S Health platform is an initiative to help their users collect, integrate and analyze health information using their smartphones as well as new Samsung Gear devices and it offers easy to use features to aid us in making health improvements and turning it into an engaging part of our lives. As part of S Health, Coach by Cigna has been launched that has been built on the experience of Cigna’s health coaches, nutritionists, and behavior experts. It offers digital content and valuable health insights.

Coach by Cigna is there to create user’s lifestyle improvement plan that included every related aspect of it including nutrition, exercise, weight, stress and sleep.

“By integrating Cigna’s health expertise and knowledge with Samsung’s leading edge technology, we expect to help our customers improve their health throughout their everyday lives,” said Hankil Yoon, Senior Vice President of Global Product Planning Group, IT & Mobile Division at Samsung. “The approach of Coach by Cigna resonates with today’s modern exercise practices and behaviors, because it is targeted toward establishing healthy habits that enable successful management of exercise, weight, sleep, stress, and nutrition.”

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