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Commonly Asked Questions About Head Lice

Commonly Asked Questions About Head Lice

Commonly Asked Questions About Head Lice

Parents often go crazy about lice prevention. Due to the effects to their kid’s daily activities, and the possible head lice outbreak in the family, they have to get effective lice remedies for even the earliest sign of infestation.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about head lice:

How did they come to exists?
There is still no definite answer to this question. Since head lice are unable to feed off their hosts, requiring only human blood to survive, chances are that they evolved with humans throughout the thousands of years. One thing we do know for sure is that they have been around for numerous years. Actually, some moms from ancient Egypt have been found with head lice on their scalps.

Should one spray the whole house in case of a head lice outbreak?
Contrary to common belief, it can in fact be a bad idea to have your whole house sprayed in case one of your family members has lice. The sprays used can be very harmful to both you and your family, and it will do very little to avoid re-infestation. Head lice can only survive on human hosts and if they are separated from their hosts for more than two days, they will certainly die. Therefore, you only need to be cautious of the person to person contact, making sure that you aren’t sharing bed liners or pillows with the infested individual. Along with lice treatments such as Sklice® (ivermectin) Lotion, 0.5%, you can easily rid your house of the problem without paying for the dangerous and needless pesticides.

Are there harmless ways of treating lice?
In a recent online survey which was performed by Harris Poll on behalf of Sanofi Pasteur, most moms believe that in order to totally get rid of an infestation, one has to comb out the louse and more than half of the moms believe that to treat head lice, you will need more than one application. Some moms believe that most of the solutions which are used to eliminate head lice involve dangerous pesticides which can be very harmful to their families. They think that if one wants to treat the infestation with as little toxicity as possible, she should remove all the nits and lice by hand. One can have two people comb the infested individual’s hair, wearing gloves. When you find the nits, use distilled white vinegar to loosen them from the individual’s hair follicles.

Other moms believe that use of common hair drier can get rid of head lice too. Well, these may be simple myths or there might be little truth in them, but if you are in search of a methods that will guarantee absolute elimination of head lice without any chances of re-infestation, then Sklice (ivermectin) Lotion might be the best choice. This lotion is approved by FDA, for tropical use on scalp and hair only, to help treat individuals who are more than six months old. To get more information about this lotion, visit

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