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Keeping the family entertained during evenings after homework has been finished and during the holidays may seem like hard work, but there are many easy and fun ways to keep children and adults happy and engaged. Though the television may seem to be the first port of call, it doesn’t always suit all tastes at the same time.

Watching TV and DVDs
Watching TV and DVDs

is a great way to relax and can be very stimulating for all ages, but there are many other activities to entertain the family that only need a little time and thought for everyone to have fun.

Playing games
A lot of children like to play games, and for mums and dads it’s one of the best ways to help their children learn new skills and realise that they can’t always be the winner! Classic games such as snakes and ladders provide a simple framework for counting squares on a board and experiencing the thrill of going up a ladder or the disappointment of sliding down a snake.
Draughts is a game that introduces children to different ways of seeing patterns on a board, as well as reminding parents that they too can make mistakes. Playing card games such as Old Maid or Snap! encourages children to think and remember as well as test the speed of their reflexes. As children get older, other games can be introduced that stretch their minds further, such as chess.

A spot of DIY
Many children enjoy painting, drawing or making things when given the opportunity, but so often there is not enough space to display all the wonderful things they have created. A fun project is to work out how to exhibit as much of their artistic work as possible in the home. For example, putting up some curtain rods on the wall in a child’s bedroom means artwork can simply be clipped on to them. Another idea is to make some frames from old pieces of wood so that the child’s pictures will look as if they could be hanging in an art gallery. Model aeroplanes can be hung from the ceiling, creating amazing skyscapes and freeing up space elsewhere for other creations.

Research the family tree
Popular TV programmes often look into the lives of celebrities and the history of their families, but this can also be adapted to become a staple of home entertainment. This is a great project to undertake with everyone: to explore the family history and to discover fascinating information that no one knew before. This is an easy task online – there are many websites available to help families dig into the past and discover exciting new knowledge about themselves. All that is needed for this project is a good broadband connection; carrying out a broadband speed test on a telephone landline will help give an idea of how fast information from the internet can be accessed.

Go for a walk
When the weather is nice and the evenings are light, a family walk is a great way to get some exercise, be together, explore the countryside and take in the wild flowers, trees and wildlife. A visit to an ice cream shop on the way back will always go down well!

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