DMCA Takedown Notice


DMCA Takedown Notice
DMCA Takedown Notice

DMCA Takedown Notice

Have you ever received a DMCA Takedown notice? Has your content ever been copied by another webmaster? These are some critical information you should be aware of if you own a website, Read on…

Digital Millennium Copyright Act often referred as DMCA is a United States copyright law that is employs the treaties of the World Intellectual property organization. In a nutshell, it helps control and protects the access to copyrighted works.

What is a DMCA Takedown Notice?

DMCA Takedown notice is a notice sent to webmasters by copyright content or intellectual property owners to persuade website owners to take down supposedly infringing content that on the target website.

How to send a DMCA Takedown Notice?

I strongly recommend sending a formal email to the targeted webmaster owning your copied or duplicated content and requesting him/her to remove the content ASAP. If you have no success or response, then you could proceed with filing a DMCA notice.

The Steps for sending a DMCA Takedown Notice are:

* Identify and verify if your content has been copied or duplicated.
* Identify the website’s Internet Service Provider (Web Hosting Company)
* Send an email to Web hosting company with all the required information.

The procedure of contacting the webhosting ISP to report infringement is itself DMCA Takedown notice. You can find out the hosting company from the WhoIS lookup website.

As soon as the webhosting companies receive your DMCA takedown notice, they would comply with your request and take the necessary actions to remove the copied content. They might also request you for a signed request in proper format and details on proofs of ownerships of the content as well if required.

DMCA Takedown request to Google

In case the copied or duplicate content appears above your original content in Google Search results, you might also want to request Google to remove the infringing content. You place your request here.

Google might request you to send a signed copy of the takedown notice letter as well.

Almost every great initiative has a negative side! Studies show that more than 57% of the Takedown notices are targeting competitor websites and its content to be taken down. Another interesting fact is that more than one-third of these notices are not valid copyright claims.

Let me know your thoughts and questions, Hope you enjoyed the DMCA Takedown Notice information for Webmasters. You could add you comments here.

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