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Dmoz Open Directory Project
Dmoz Open Directory Project

A web directory is a collection of website links which are listed in particular categories or sorts depending on the directory. Several website directories permit posting the links of website for free, and also the listing of websites is done in various categories. A few web directories which need payment for including a link and some others expect a link exchange to be added in user’s website. There are web directories that list websites even on a particular country basis.

Even though there are several web directories among them is an open directory project which is managed by a community of volunteer editors, where anybody can submit their website links. Because it is an open directory project the web pages are reviewed by editors who are volunteers and the webpages are reviewed personally. is relied upon by search engines for the quality of websites listed were more than a search engine can list. But in case of number of pages, it was lower than such a search engine can list. Because the websites were personally reviewed the backlog of websites to be added was more and the website owners needed to wait little longer to get listed. A primary reason being the increasing demand for quality volunteer reviewers.

But even with all this constrains a link with is given more weightage by the search engines like google till now. As everyone knows search engines like google reviews webpages automatically using software algorithms known as ‘crawlers’ or ‘spiders’. These search engines index webpages without any false interruptions and with absolute genuineness. In spite of all the technology the major search engines uses stands upfront complimenting the truth that computer cannot replace human brains.

Many users getting the link in paid directories are fleeced by these directories by including their link in unranked pages of theirs. Anybody can trust for the good reason that this most popular open directory project provides the right treatment for your website based only on the quality.

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