Dog Clicker Training

Dog Clicker Training
Dog Clicker Training

If you are interested in using positive reinforcement to train your dog, one option is clicker training. This simplistic and proven way of training uses a device which, when clicked, puts out a chirping sound. The clicking device (most often it is a length of metal cased in a plastic container) is considered a better reinforcement than other methods such as giving the dog a treat each time they do something right, or scolding them each time they do not obey an order.

Dog Clicker Training lets dogs start with treats. When the animal understands the click the trainer gives a treat. Positive behavior will follow suit when the click is used properly. The dog will get conditioned to doing things as per its owner’s commands with the clicker and also learn the positive effects of that clicking sound. The clicking device is going to assure the dog they have done something which the owner is delighted with. Whether it is learn a new command, or obey a command they were not obeying in the past. The effectiveness of the clicker comes from the dog’s association of the click sound with a reward or treat, so to make sure the clicker maintains its value owners must still reward their dog with a treat occasionally.

Although a treat should not be rewarded each time the dog minds a command or hears the clicking sound, it should be used on an occasional behavior, especially if it is an extremely hard trick, or if it is a command they were experiencing difficulty with for an extended period of time. The Dog Clicker Training technique is used in corporation with a treat given when the trick is done successfully which helps the training work very fast. Giving the dog a reward often will be a mechanism to get them to understand the positive meaning of the clicker, during the initial stages of using the clicker. The clicker can be reinforced with snacks occasionally.

Do not forget a few things while employing clicker training methods. It is preferable for you to begin in a noise free location, possess treats ready to go, and proceed at a leisurely pace. You might still want to think about using a clicker so that your dog gets used to it. When you get to that point you can start with some simple requests, tricks, and other things that you want your dog to do. At the beginning owners should do it slowly and calmly. The use of treats will ensure the responses you are going for, but over time, there should not be a need to give the dog a treat for each command they learn.

As with any other positive reinforcement training for dogs, Clicker Training for dogs will take practice and patience. At the end of it all, the dog owners will be thrilled to have found least cumbersome way of training their dog who will then turn out to be their good friend for life.

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