Doom Multiplayer Beta Is a Love Letter to Old School Gaming


With a month to go until Doom finally releases, we managed to spend quality time with the game’smultiplayer beta. Like the E3 2015 trailer promised, the Doom beta delivered gameplay that harkened back to a simpler era of first-person shooters.

From blood-filled dungeons to cramped military installations, Doom looks like a shinier version of well…classic 1993 Doom (and to an extent Quake). Shards of armour, health, and ammo are strategically placed around the environment, and the speed of play is a whole lot faster than what you’ll see in more modern games such as Battlefield or Call of Duty.

All classic weapons we know and love also make an appearance. The rocket launcher, plasma rifle, and most importantly, the super shotgun are all present and accounted for. They all have their own recoil and feedback, making every weapon feel unique and satisfying to use. After all, there’s nothing quite like exploding an opponent into gibs with a few well-timed shots from a rocket launcher.



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