Driving Visitors to a Website – 3 Methods tha work


If you started online marketing business, it is very important to know how to entice visitors to the website. Many strategies really work. Here are three effective ones:

1. Search engine optimization

It is one of the most popular methods among all, just because it is free. It works in a simple way: you spot a keyword to rank for and then you attempt to get in the top ten search engines for it. For some websites, it will take several days and for others it will take years. It depends on the amount of competitors searching for the same keyword.

The most beneficial thing about this strategy is that it is absolutely free. The drawback is that it is time consuming. It is the slowest strategy but if you are determined, you will be able to make huge profits on a permanent basis.

2) Pay per click

When carrying out a pay per click campaign, your ad can show up either on the right hand side of the usual search results or on a website that relate to your ad. Then, if somebody clicks on it, you pay a definite sum of money.

The most beneficial thing about this is traffic which has become faster than search engine optimization. Very often your ad will pop up in 15 minutes of launching the campaign. Thus, if you have money to put in traffic, it is a wise decision.

2. Co-registration

This is not as popular as the first two strategies and it is a hidden gem in internet marketing. It is where people prefer to get emails from you after they have signed up for another offer. For example, they can sign up for a newsletter subscription.

Then, they get a list of other offers for which they can sign up. If you have a weight loss product and they are interested in it, they will look into the box and make a sign that they want to get more information. Then you can freely start advertising to them. A beneficial thing about this is that it can drive a great amount of traffic shortly. Nonetheless, it requires a large direct investment. Every lead separately is cheap, but you have to pay for them upfront.

In the conclusion it should be said that you should start with search engine optimization and then start using other two strategies. It is the simplest and the cheapest method. When you have made a good income from SEO, you can then reinvest some of the profits in the last two strategies. If you would like to get to know how to entice visitors to your website, try these simple methods and soon you will see some noticeable results.

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