Dropbox Tips and Tricks

Dropbox Tips and Tricks
Dropbox Tips and Tricks

Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization.

Dropbox is an excellent cloud storage service, Dropbox allows developers to come up with their own apps and services for you to use.

Dropbox can be used as more than just a file storage system. You can use the service to back up and organize important files that may be scattered all over the web, stream music, or even host a website.

Dropbox Keyboard Shortcuts (activate in Account Settings):

a: Check all/no files

n: Uncheck all files

/: Search

d: Show/hide deleted files

c: Copy checked files

esc: Hide popup

m: Move checked files

?: Show keyboard shortcuts

u: Up a directory

k: Highlight previous file

p: Check deleted files

j: Highlight next file

i: Invert checked files

space: Check highlighted file

o: View highlighted file

Useful Tips and Tricks:

Extra Storage for Free: Get 250MB of extra space for each friend you invite (up to 8GB) and even more for reporting bugs. (www.dropbox.com/referrals)

Share a Folder Safely: In Dropbox account click Share a Folder. Share an existing folder or create a new one.

Recover Deleted Files: Click Show Deleted Files button and select Undelete.

Share Photo Galleries: Create a folder under Dropbox/Photos, put some images there, right-click on the gallery folder, copy public gallery link and shore it with friends.

Move Dropbox Outside of Documents Folder: Right click on the Dropbox icon in desktop tray and select Preferences. Click on Move and select the new location of your Dropbox folder.

Security Camera: Setup your webcam to save captures to a Dropbox folder and view them with a mobile device.

Start a Torrent download remotely: Set your torrent client on home PC to watch specific folder in Dropbox for new torrents. Download a new .torrent file (regardless which PC you’re on) and save it to that folder. Your torrent client will start the download shortly after the file appears in that designated directory.

Make Dropbox your default documents folder: Move your My Documents folder to Dropbox and you’ll always stay up to date with your docs.

  • on Mac – Open Terminal and go to Dropbox directory (type: cd Dropbox ). Then create o symbolic link to Documents folder (type: In -s ~/Documents/Documents ).
  • on Windows » Open Terminal and navigate to your Dropbox directory (type: cd Dropbox ). Now create a symbolic link to your Documents folder (type: In -s —/Documents/ Documents)

Tools and Plugins:

Reach Files from Mobile: Download and install Dropbox app to your mobile and you’ll always have access to your ?les.

  • – www.dropbox.com/anywhere (iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry)
  • – http://store.ovi.com/content/5485T (for Nokia)



Dropitto.me: Let others safely upload files to your Dropbox (password protected)

SendToDropbox.com: Easily Send email attachments to your Dropbox!

Droptun.es: To your music from Dropbox. Put your music files in a separate folder under your Dropbox directory. Then go to https://droptun.es/login from any computer and log in to your Dropbox account. Navigate to the folder with music.

Protect your Dropbox files with BoxCryptor: BoxCryptor encrypts up to 5GB of your Dropbox for free but paid accounts are available as well.

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