Egypt Loses Internet Access


Net analysis firms and web watchers have reported that the vast majority of the Egypt’s internet has become unreachable. The unprecedented crack down has left millions of Egyptians without internet access.

To combat social media, another important weapon for the demonstrators, outside experts and people living in the country say the government has coordinated a blockage of certain communications websites and unplugged internet access entirely to parts of the country.

Reports continued to flood Facebook and Twitter that landline phone service has been shut down in some Egyptian cities, though it’s unclear whether that came as a result of a government edict or overloaded networks.

Cellular telephone operators were told by authorities to suspend services in parts of Egypt, according to a statement from Vodafone, a global cell carrier that operates there.

According to internet monitoring firm Renesys, shortly before 2300 GMT on 27 January virtually all routes to Egyptian networks were simultaneously withdrawn from the internet’s global routing table. That meant that virtually all of Egypt’s internet addresses were unreachable.

However, overnight Twitter put a message on its official PR stream saying that use was being restricted. Reports also suggested that Facebook, which has been used to co-ordinate many of the protests, has been occasionally blocked.

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