Facebook is asking people to act now to save the ‘free’ Internet; and so are activists!


Many of us woke up today to notifications on our Facebook timeline where our friends showed their support for the free internet. In India, free means a lot.

So if Facebook and activists both expect you to act to save the free Internet, who do you trust? Although the world also has two distinct meanings for the word free, in India both meanings matter a lot. In 1947, we got to know one side of the word free! Free as in freedom. The open source movement thrives on this idea of freedom, which emphasises on the liberty to make a choice. Even if it may be convoluted, or take an extra while to accomplish a simple task; it is, nonetheless, a privilege to be able to decide for oneself.

On a similar front, free has another meaning. Where free comes with no charge. It’s the best thing to happen during the year end. Obviously nothing is every given for free! It’s usually a bundle. For instance, you buy a shirt and get another free. What it usually comes down to is you get 2 shirts for the price of one. Or one shirt at half the price. In effect, you paid for one shirt, but end up getting two.

Clearly free is the most exciting word we can hear of. It excites us, and we look forward to free around any deal we may get.

So essentially, what is it with Facebook that it has managed to put off so many people and get them to vociferously oppose its Free Basic package.

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Nagaraju Tadakaluri
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