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The fastest growing social networking company held a news conference at Menlo Park City Hall on Tuesday to announce that Facebook is moving operations to this suburban city of Menlo Park, California.

Facebook is relocating about six miles from Palo Alto, California, to an area in Menlo Park that includes the former Sun Microsystems offices. Facebook also plans to acquire two buildings owned by General Motors, a 400,000 square foot plot adjacent to the 1 Million square-foot Sun campus.

The new territory was determined to hold 3,600 workers, but Facebook’s assessors “believe the campus can support more people,” they said at the news conference.

The company, which has expanded at breakneck speed since its founding in 2004, has more than 2,000 employees, including 1,400 in Palo Alto.

Facebook has already begun renovating the new buildings and plans to start moving 500 employees by mid-June. All of the company’s San Francisco Bay Area employees will be based in Menlo Park within a year, the company said at the event.

Pat Burt, a Palo Alto councilman and former mayor, acknowledged Facebook’s realistic concerns that his city didn’t have ample space to accommodate the company’s aggressive expansion needs.

Facebook is moving to an area of Menlo Park surrounding by a poor neighborhood called Bell Haven. Mayor Rich Cline is hoping the new tenant can spur a revitalization of that part of the city.

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