Facebook re-instates Viz comic magazine’s page


London, Feb 17 (IANS) After blocking the official Facebook page of comic magazine Viz that publishes a parody of issues with frequently risque language and humour for hours, the social media giant has re-instated it on Wednesday.

“We’re back. They wouldn’t tell us what we did, but we promise not to do it again, whatever it was,” Viz posted the update on its Facebbok page.

The frequently foul-mouthed comic Viz had its brand page blocked by Facebook on Tuesday, The Guardian reported.

“Your Page is currently not visible on Facebook. It looks like the content posted on your Page doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms and Community Standards, so your Page was unpublished. These Terms and Standards help ensure Facebook remains a welcoming, respectful enviornment,” Facebook wrote to the page administrators.

Ian Westwood, group managing director at Dennis Publishing that publishes the comic magazine Viz, said that Facebook did not say what content violated its rules.

“The question is what is, and isn’t acceptable to Facebook,” he said, adding, “We have had that Facebook page for five years. We have had correspondence with them before about stuff they have not liked and we have taken it down,” Westwood was quoted as saying.

“This time they have just blocked the page and won’t tell us what we’ve violated. We can appeal, but we don’t know what we would be appealing about, we put up a significant number of posts from the print brand to social media each day,” he added.

Westwood said that the Viz team thought that in the first instance the best response was to alert its 146,000 followers on Twitter to explain why the Facebook page was down.

“We were thinking how best to respond to it,” he said.

The Viz page has 451,807 “likes” on Facebook.

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