Factom Announces Launch Date for Crowdsale


Factom has announced that it will be holding a crowdsale for its crypto-token on Tuesday, March 31, 2015. These tokens will allow individuals to use Factom’s blockchain-based recordkeeping network, which has garnered lots of attention from crypto media outlets in the past few months.

According to Peter Kirby, the president of Factom, the company set this crowdsale date after meeting important objectives, including a certain level of beta version, among other things. The crowdsale will be held on Koinify, which uses Counterparty to organizes sales.

Due to the sale being hosted on Koinify, bidders will only be able to purchase Factom tokens with bitcoin. Therefore, anyone who wishes to participate in the crowdsale will have to purchase bitcoin on an exchange, if they do not already have some.

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