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Experience Kissimmee

Experience Kissimmee

That’s what the new contest, launched by Experience Kissimmee, is all about. You need to film you and your friends, showing how you would rock a Central Florida vacation, make sure it ends up the best video ever, upload it to your Instagram account and wait for the win to come home.

Well, that’s the simple version. Truth be told, I have a feeling you could use some more details about it. As well as reason for doing it all.

First of all, what we are talking about is Experience Kissimmee’s “Rock Your Vacation” video contest on Instagram, launched on Febryary 3, 2014 and running until March 16. All Instagram users with active and non-private Instagram account are invited to create a 15-second video that will later be judged based on overall creativity as well as the general knowledge of the destination. Once you’ve created the video, you need to upload it with #RockYourVacation hashtag on Instagram, making sure you are also following @ExperienceKissimmee beforehand. Then Experience Kissimmee will check it, approve it, and make a comment with a link for you to verify your submission. Once that’s done, your masterpiece will be available through the video gallery on www.RockYourVacation.com.

And why you would do it all? For the sake of winning a 6-day, 5-night VIP trip for your and your five friends, of course!

More details below!

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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