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Keywords for SEO

Keywords for SEO

In Search Engine Optimization, keywords are very important. To get targeted customers, choose the right keywords. If you choose wrong keywords, you must lose lot of time and money.

Choosing the right keywords for a website is absolutely crucial, however it’s probably one of the most common areas of online marketing that people stumble at.

When looking for new keywords, most people depend on keyword suggestion tools. Before using a keyword suggestion tool, you must consider lot of things:

* Mention what you do in easy words

Try to mention what your company does without using any business specific words. How would you describe your company to your parents or even your grand parents? These descriptions help you to find new keywords that are related to your business.

* Find the new selling proposition of your company

What makes your company different? How are you different from your competitors? Do you offer great service? Do you offer the lowest prices? If you offer  great service, add service related keyword modifiers to your list. If you don’t want to sell by price, avoid words like “cheap” or “low cost” in your keyword lists.

* Find words with different meanings

Some words have multiple meanings. If you sell products that have names that can be confused, make sure that your website visitors immediately know what they will get. If you sell tablets, do your customers know whether they are tablet computers, clay tablets, bath tablets, writing tablets, chewable tablets or graphical tablets?

* Focus on your most profitable products

You don’t have to be listed for every single keyword on search engines. If some of your products have a small margin, it doesn’t make sense to optimize your web pages for them. Better focus on the keywords that are related to the products that are profitable for your business.

* Write down the Ten most important keywords

Make a list of the Ten most important keywords and then take a close look at the list. Are the keywords all about the same product? Do you cover all aspects of your services and products with these keywords?  Do not follow your first instincts. Carefully go through the list and check why you find a keyword important.

Finally, When you optimize your website for search engines, start with very targeted keywords that attract targeted website visitors. Do not use one-word keywords or keywords with multiple meanings. If your keywords are more targeted, the more likely it is that you will get new customers with these keywords.

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Nagaraju Tadakaluri
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