Five really strange, funny yet useful apps that you might be interested in


New Delhi: Several apps are available in the market today –from dating apps to grocery apps to movie apps –name it and you will have it. Thought it is very difficult to install all the apps available in the market, somethimes you don’t mind  doing things for fun and later realise that “oh its actually useful!” in many ways.

Lets have a look at such apps which are funny at the onset but they can be very useful if you know the utility and timing of them.


One such intersting app is the RunPee app. As is the name, the app actually tells you the exact time when to leave your seat and run for pee. The RunPee tagline says “Because movie theaters don’t have pause buttons”. As has been written in the FAQs section of the company’s website, “The RunPee app will give you a list of 1-to-4 moments in each movie when you can run and pee.”

The app also lets you “know if there is anything during or after the end credits that you should stick around for.” The RunPee app gives you a synopsis of the first 3 minutes of most moves just in case you’re running late.

Honey its me

Funny enough, this app is ideal for those “lonely souls” who don’t have a girlfriend. The South Korean app devised by a company called Nabix, is popular among thousands of men in the country who are too busy to find a date. This app pops in a virtual girlfriend for you four times a day. The virtual girlfriend called Mina who is in her twenties, is ideal for singletons who video calls and showers love messages.

Cry translator

This app is like a boon to millions of parents who can’t otherwise figure out what your baby needs and why it is crying. The app not only diagnoses and analyses your baby’s cry, it also recommends you solutions. With this app you can easily find out if your baby is “hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed or bored”.

Hold on

This app is a fantastic tool to check your concentration skills. Through this app button you can check out how long you can hold the button! The timer shows your progress and stores your personal all-time record. Is is said to improve your perseverance.


This is a really useful app. Now find a clean, comfortable restroom, no matter where you are. Airpnp website says that the app “gives you access to a ton of restrooms all over the planet. Whether you’re just out and about, at a big event, or need to find a place to go in a new city we’ve got you covered.”

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