General Remigio M. Bermudez


It is probable some have wondered at the unusual surcharge on the stamps of Peru in 1894.

The surcharge is the picture of the General Remigio M. Bermudez.

He was born in the Province of Tarapaca, Peru on September 30, 1836.  In his early life he was engaged in business in his native Province but during the revolution of 1854 he joined the revolutionary army as a lieutenant and finally overthrew the then existing government.

In 1864 he again joined a revolutionary army which succeeded in over throwing President Castilla.

He was chosen Vice-President of Peru in 1886 and in 1890 was elected to the Presidency of his country.

He died in Lima, Peru on March 31st, 1894 and in the same year his memory was honored by surcharging the 1874-80 issue of stamps with his picture.

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