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Healthy movement
Healthy movement

More than 600 people have already made the My Healthy Promise. A promise to set and commit to a realistic set of goals for becoming healthier. Eisai Inc.’s new campaign was launched to shift the obesity related conversation from simply losing pounds to gaining health. The idea of losing a lot of weight can be rather intimidating and many people simply won’t start with it just because of that. The My Healthy campaign is there to say that, if you’re among the 70 percent of Americans who are currently affected by obesity or overweight, you should think about it in a broader way and keep in mind the most important thing – every positive step counts, independent of how big or small it is.

You can inspire yourself by heading over to and see the uplifting videos by others. Or why not, upload an inspiring video yourself.

The My Healthy movement also suggests you to “Liberate your closet” and get rid of all the too small clothes you have been keeping all those years, in hopes to some day fit in them. It’s a lot easier to start from a clean slate!

“Through My Healthy™ we are encouraging people to liberate their closets of the clothes that might be holding them back mentally and physically from the path to weight loss. It can be exciting to start with a clean slate as you begin your path to weight loss,” said Julie Morgenstern, renowned organizational expert and New York Times best-selling author of SHED YOUR STUFF, Change Your Life.

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