Get ready for Super Bowl and new ad campaign

Super Bowl XLVII
Super Bowl XLVII

On February 3rd, during Super Bowl XLVII, will bring the drama! If you want to find out why, be sure to see their ad during the Big Game. Their ad is shown in the biggest game of the year for a sixth year in a row, this year during the first quarter of the game.

They released the teasers for their campaign only couple of days ago and you can get a taste for drama by checking out I took a look and urge everyone to see it. Especially the first video, video that has some drama in it. Drama that actually has nothing to do with selling your car.

The site’s all-new advertising campaign’s teasers pose the question “why drama?” So the teasers are very well done in this sense.

The new campaign shows “how dealers help car shoppers have a drama-free buying experience by using” (Linda Bartman,’s Chief Marketing Office)

The event will be taking place February 3rd, 2013 and you can decide whether Super Bowl XLVII Ad Buy pays off during he first quarter of the game.

mcgarrybowen Chicago is the site’s new advertising agency of record and is leading the integrated team of agencies to work with the new campaign.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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