Getting Started with Stumbleupon

Getting Started with Stumbleupon
Getting Started with Stumbleupon

In order to get started, you will first need to sign up for an account at the StumbleUpon website.


When you register, you will provide StumbleUpon with a bit of information including your preferences when it comes to Internet browsing. You’ll check certain topics of interest to you when setting up your profile. Once you’ve done this, the database will then recognize you as someone who is interested in these specific topics and provide you with pages people have rated positively in those categories.

Although it may sound a bit like a search engine, rest assured it’s not. There are no complicated algorithms to try and figure out in order to have your own pages rank well in the database. This social bookmarking website gives you pages that others, with the same kinds of interests, have highlighted in their searches.

For instance, if you’re someone who enjoys reading information on political topics, then you would be shown places to check out that contains political information.


Once you’ve registered, you will be given the option to download a toolbar to download that appears in your browser. Install the toolbar. The toolbar will be what you use to rate pages, articles, videos, etc. This is one way that pages get added to the site’s database.


Like most social networking tactics, you have to give in order to receive. The first thing that you’ll want to do is look around the sites that have already been Stumbled that are in your niche, and give some reviews and thumbs up to those that you enjoy.


Add a few friends – just like you would with Twitter or Facebook. Find people who are Stumbling topics in your niche – or who you just like what they are reading. Add them as friend. You can also search for existing friends to see what they are StumblingUpon, too.


The most important thing to note when getting started with StumbleUpon is that you’ll want to only Stumble sites that are interesting and valuable – so don’t just start giving your own blog a ‘thumbs up’ on every single page.

The other important thing to note is that you’ll want to stumble individual PAGES, not just the home page of a few sites that you own. Click ‘thumbs up’ on the interior article pages that you enjoy the most.

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