Giuseppe Garibaldi


The 1910 commemorative issue of Italy, issued to commemorate the National plebiscite of the Southern States, in 1860, bear a likeness of Garibaldi, one of the world’s patriots and the idol of the Italian.

Garibaldi was born at Nice, France, on July 4, 1807.  He was the son of a fisherman and was not well educated.  In early youth he was a sailor.  Condemned to death in 1834 for his share in the Mazzini affair, he escaped to South America.

In 1848, he returned to Italy to engage in the war against Austria.  In 1849 he took part in the Mazzini war but had to flee from Rome with 4000 of his troops.  During his flight his wife died from privation and fatigue.

He then went to the United States where for a time he engaged in making candles for a living.  Returning to Italy, he settled on Caprera Island, which was later purchased and presented to him by admirers.

In 1860 he was proclaimed dictator of the Two Sicilies but acquiesced in its annexation to Italy, declining all honors and retired to his island home.

He fought, unsuccessfully against the Austrians in the Tyrol.  In 1867 he attempted the rescue of Rome, but was defeated by the French and pontifical troops.  He fought in 1870 with France against Germany.

He held a position in the French Assembly, later going back to Italy, holding a seat in the Italian Parliament.

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