Google Cardboard Camera app launched to create 3D VR images


Google has released a new app for the Cardboard. The app called Cardboard Camera lets you create 360 degrees panoramic photos in virtual reality. Android users can download the app via Google Play Store.

To take a panoramic photo using cardboard, the user has to move 360 degree in a circle. It will also record audio and the images when seen using the Cardboard will appear to be 3D. This means when you place the smartphone inside a Cardboard and view to view VR images, they will appear 3D.

Google says VR photos are three-dimensional panoramas that come with slightly different views for each eye. Near things look near and far things look far, and one can look around to explore the image in all directions.

“With Cardboard Camera, anyone can create their own VR experience. So revisit the mountaintop that took hours to hike, or the zoo where you saw (and heard) the monkeys, or your birthday party with the cake out and candles still lit. Capture the moments that matter to you and relive them anytime, from anywhere,” Google further explains in a blogpost.

In September, there were reports about Microsoft also working on a Google Cardboard-rival called VR Kit. Microsoft Hololens has definitely earned some praise in the market and it is possible that the company is using the cardboard kit as a means to lower the barrier and encourage VR developer interest, the report added.

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