Google Nexus 5X and Apple iPhone 5S @ Rs 25,000


Apple earlier this weekbrought down the price of iPhone 5S, its flagship smartphone two years ago, to Rs 24,999. This pricing puts iPhone 5S – the highest-selling smartphone for Apple India – in direct competition with Google Nexus 5X, whose price also dropped recently to a little under Rs 25,000.

Now this presents a conundrum for any buyer who is looking for a flagship smartphone at mid-range prices. We take a look at the pros and cons of both smartphones so that you can decide which one is the right model for you.

Apple iPhone 5S: Pros
iPhone 5S may not be the cheapest iPhone you can buy in India right now, but it is surely the one we would recommend if you want your first taste of the Apple brand. It is also the model that made fingerprint sensors a mainstream feature among smartphones. And the gold colour as well.

Here are a few pros of buying iPhone 5S…

* iOS 10 update

iPhone 5S may be over two years old, but it will be upgraded to the next version of iOS next year (going by Apple’s software update strategy so far). This means you will get access to many of the new features the company will introduce to the iPhone series (though not all features will get to iPhone 5S).

* Great build quality

iPhone 5S has a well-crafted metallic body that looks premium from the get go. Courtesy the small screen of the phone, it is easy to operate with one hand as well.

* Sharp screen

iPhone 5S’ 4-inch screen sports resolution of 640x1136p, resulting in pixel density of 326ppi or what Apple calls Retina display. This is the same pixel density that the new iPhone 6S also sports, so with iPhone 5S you will get a smartphone that shows sharp text as well as images.

* Decent performance

Though iPhone 5S is an ageing smartphone, it is certainly no slouch in the performance department. You can expect all apps and games to run smoothly and without any lag.

* Good camera iPhone 5S was ranked among the best camera smartphones at the time it was launched, so you can expect great shots from the handset.

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