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Google Panda 2.3 Update

Google Panda 2.3 Update

Google Panda 2.3 Update

Google, a search engine giant, has finally confirmed that it has pushed out a small update to the Panda filter, marking update 2.3 of the algorithm. Google Panda 2.3 Update is now live as part of a commitment to “return high-quality sites to Google users”.

Google has confirmed that late last week, its updates to the Panda filter are continuing to iterate on their Panda algorithm.

This recent update was pushed in just 5 weeks after its scheduled Update 2.2 which came up officially last June 16, 2011. Google said that it has been regularly updating Panda to show their commitment that they intend for their users to get access to high quality sites.

We have now entered a new era with Google Panda. The approach is to extend word stemming which Google introduced in 2003 with the view of keeping the search as close in context with content served. Some like to think of it as a thesaurus on top of the term vector database. Think Google’s Wonder Wheel.

Since February this year when the first Panda update was released, there have now been 5 notable Panda Updates. It has been noted that trend is developing in the release of Google’s Panda Update as about every month Google reruns its Panda algorithm.

Likewise, every time Google’s Panda update hits, some websites which were negatively hit previously have a chance of seeing a ranking improvement while others might see a drop in traffic.

Google told us “this update incorporates some new signals that help differentiate between higher- and lower-quality sites. As a result, some sites are ranking higher after this most recent update.”

Of course, we are still getting reports that sites are still not doing better and then new reports of sites that just hit by this update. But for the first time, I am seeing a significant number of reports from people saying they recovered. What About You?

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