Google Updated Page Ranks Recently

Google PageRank
Google PageRank

Recelty Google have updated the Page Rank on their database to the delight of many webmasters wordwide.

PageRank is a great indicator of how SEO is going on a website and it can be used to show webmasters Google’s “score” on each page.

We are still puzzled why it’s taken Google nearly a year to update the PageRank algorithm but we’re relieved to see our efforts have paid off for many clients over the past 10 months. Also some of our sites have only received PR on the hompage and not any inner pages, we’ve heard this echoed by several other webmasters and this may be addressed in the next update.

PageRank scores are based on an exponential scale. This means that going from say a score of 1 to a score of 2 requires a little effort but going from a score of 7 to a score of 8 could take a monumental effort!

Finding ‘DoFollow links‘ on high PR webpages is a great Search Engine Optimization technique but one thing many people are fooled by is that the PageRank of a website’s homepage doesn’t have any significance on an inner page such as a profile page. The clue is in the name, every PAGE on the internet is treated individually by Google and given it’s own PR score, don’t be scammed into thinking someone is selling or has found an amazing link until you check the actual PR of the page their link is on and not the homepage.

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