Grooming Your Dog

Grooming Your Dog

Grooming Your Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. They are smart, loyal and will often eventually find their way into becoming a member of the family. Most people think a dog’s requirements are few, food twice a day, a pat on the head and a leash to run at the end of. Often overlooked is dog grooming because many people think that having your dog groomed is surely an expensive endeavor that can set you back lots of money. This is due to the fact that grooming is a costly affair, requiring significant money. If you are looking for some extra grooming tips visit

What are the reasons of your dog being groomed by you?

Because canines love playing outside in the yard, they’ll often become covered in dirt, have an odor about them, and possibly even get a tick embedded on their bodies. Also, longer haired breeds could become matted which can cause other health problems including the infection of irritated skin. For optimal health, it is a wise decision to groom a canine’s coat as well as take care of their nails and teeth.

Can I groom my dog myself?

Positively. Grooming your dog at your home is straightforward. The first thing you should do is get the tools you will need such as pet dog brushes, special shampoo for dogs, a hair dryer, a towel, nail clippers and trimming scissors. Grooming your dog can be hard the first time because some dogs are afraid of water. As a tip, try pouring small quantities of water throughout your dog’s body. You can even put your dog in a tub, slowly filling it with water just so you won’t be giving him or her quite a shock which you may not like.

Once your dog has settled in, make sure the whole body and coat is wet enough for the application of shampoo. It is good to use a formula to avoid and get rid of fleas, ticks and additional parasites. When shampoo is applied, lather throughout the coating. Ensure that enough bubbles are produced to remove all the dirt. Once you are finished, rinse thoroughly with water until there are no bubbles remaining on the coat. Whenever you pour water, make sure that your dog’s ears are protected. It is also important to note that a dog’s natural instinct is to purposely shake off water so be prepared to get wet yourself.

After the bath is the time to do a few finishing touches. A blow drier on warm to low heat may be used after gently rubbing your dog’s coating with towel gently. If your pet dog happens to have a long, thick and curly coating, you may want to consider trimming it up to give it a neater look. To remove the remaining cut fur, brush your dog’s coat properly. Next off, cut the long nails of your dog using the clippers. Focus only on the sharp tip of the nails and do it steadily for all paws. Flea protection powder can be applied throughout the coating and in case Frontline or some other topical flea protection is not being used.

By doing the dog grooming yourself you will save money and you will make your pet feel completely pampered. This is an excellent way to heighten your connection with your pet dog. Moreover, it is important that you groom your dogs at least once every week to keep the bad odor, ticks and fleas away.

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