Gurgaon: Power tariff slab revised, consumers to pay less


The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) proposed a new electricity tariff slab on Thursday, a move that will come as a major relief to consumers in the state.

The new slab gives consumers the advantage of using power at cheaper rates. Earlier, the consumers utilising more than 500 units of power had to pay a higher rate. The government has now increased this slab to 800 units per month.

A uniform rate of Rs 6.75 would be applicable above 800 units, as opposed to the earlier limit of 500 units.

According to a senior official, the change in the slab is a result of protests by the people and political intervention. According to the order issued by HERC, the change in tariff would result in a revenue loss of about Rs 182 crore as per the calculations of the discoms. However, the discoms have proposed certain measures to meet this shortfall, including reduction in equipment failure like transformer damage.

Earlier, orders issued by the HERC allowing a hike faced severe criticism from all political quarters.

For the first 50 units, the rate will be Rs 2.70 per unit. From 51 to 100 units, it will be Rs 4.50 per unit and from 101 to 250 units, it will cost Rs 5.00 per unit. From 251 to 500 units, the cost will be Rs 6.05 per unit and from 501 to 800 units, it will be Rs 6.75.

If the consumption is above 800 units, it will be Rs 6.75 per unit. Earlier, from April 1, 2015, the charge per unit above 500 units was Rs 6.75.

Chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar said, “The new slab will come as a major relief to the domestic consumers. Those who did not pay bills earlier will pay according to the new plan. Those consumers who have already paid will get their money adjusted in subsequent bills.”

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