How to Apply For Government Grants


Apply for Government Grant

Apply for Government Grant

How to Apply For Government Grants

Government grants can help fund new businesses, help individuals in need and give financial assistance to non-profits amount other things. Grant awards can be lower a hundred dollars or higher then a million dollars depending on the project and grant awards available. The higher the grant the more competitive it will be. Learn how to apply for government grants and get the funding you need.

The first question is whether the applicant as an individual or representing a business is eligible for a government grant. Once decided on the status, the applicant needs to start his or her own research, having prepared the details of the request and the reason for the request to have access to the government grants clearly defined.

Consider this as a business plan, the better it is thought out, the greater the chances of success, and having clear presentation material ready to be presented at the appropriate time makes good sense.

For example, during the application for government business grants, the proposal should be well structured; it should include information in a format that includes a mission statement, history of the organization, organization information, the problem or needs statement, a program plan, table of goals and objectives, business evaluation and any additional information that might be valuable.

Types of government grants available:

There is a large array of government grants available from the Federal government at the highest level and these can be divided down into at least twenty categories. In addition, government grants can be available from individual states and do note that city governments offer grants too.

So the choice can be quite confusing. However, starting with the national government grant, it’s important to decide the category in which the request fits into and then to start to research the best method to move the government grants application forward.

Making initial contact:

If the application is for college grants or for government business grants, or simply for personal grants, the route that it will be necessary to follow will be completely different. This is because the selection criteria of these three examples is radically different, thus the handling organizations for the government grants need to be completely different too. As this process can be considered complex, a number of organizations have grown to act as initial contact points to assist the applicant to carry the proposal for government grants forward.

It would be recommended to spend some time researching the various proposals these organizations offer and which sectors they cover, for example, there are organizations that specialize in government business grants but do not cover personal grants or educational grants at all. In addition, if the proposal appears too good to be true with statements such as “99% success rate”, it is probably something you should just take with a pinch of salt. In addition, organizations who are asking for upfront payments or financial commitments from the applicant in advance are to be avoided at all costs.

Checking for eligibility:

Once the choice of the most suitable government grants agency has been made, it’s important to check that the government grants proposal that has been prepared will fit the eligibility filter. It should be taken into account that most government grants are available in the following categories: government, education, public housing, non-profit, for-profit and small business.

It should be possible to search the agency’s website for a full description of eligibility by category. Before applying to and registering with a government grant agency, it is recommended that the agency has government grants funds available for the applicant’s type of request, usually the agency will provide this information and provide a search tool to run this necessary check.

Application registration and submission:

Once it is confirmed that funds are available, it will be necessary to register as an applicant and it’s advisable to register early as the qualification process for the government grants application can take up to two weeks due to the fact that a series of checks will need to be performed about the individual or organization that is applying.

The application form can be downloaded and completed at this time, however it will only be accepted for submission once successful registration has taken place. For a government business grant application, the applicant must be accredited as an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR), while individual applicants for non-business grants register with a different process.

It’s important to make sure the organization details that are submitted are correct and reflect the organization’s profile as held by the Inland Revenue Service to avoid delays or possible rejection of the application. Registration will include the issuing of a government grant applicant identification number; this number is used by the Federal government to track fund requests and allocations, and this ID number can be used more than once so it’s important to check if the organization already has an identification number and if so to use that number.

If your organization has not applied before, it will be necessary to register a representative of the organization with the central register, this person will be the principle e-biz POC that means the e-business Point of Contact. This person is the principal contact between the organization and the grants agency and this registration can be made via the internet or by phone.

If more than one person will manage the grants application submission, it is necessary to decide who is responsible for which activity and what rights and permissions for access to information each individual should have. At the same time, it’s important for all team members to understand their duties and the deadlines to ensure that the whole application process runs smoothly. The e-biz POC will be granted a master PIN number and generate a password, thus this person can then create authorized users, assign rights to complete the registration process.

Submitting the government grants application:

Typically, the application for government grants will require the downloading of the application form, it’s vital to check that you have the right program to be able to read and print this document. The agency you use can normally provide this information and the reader software should be free of charge.

Once you are ready to complete the application form, read all the instructions carefully to be fully informed of which information goes where. To complete the application process, it is necessary to ensure all the mandatory forms are completed as well as the optional forms.

It is also possible and sometimes required that your own supporting documentation are required, for example, images or diagrams. All should be checked carefully and the next step is to wait for a favorable answer to gain access to your requested government grants!

The Top Five Websites That List Free Government Grants:

Best Government Ran Grant Listing Website: is a free website that lists most federal and state government grant programs. requires applicants to fill out applications through a online application.

Best Grant Listing Website To Find Assistant Grants: The best website to find assistant grants to help pay bills, buy a house, get a car to go to work or to pay for a new roof is

Best Grant Listing Website To Find Community Grants: Many grass-root campaigns and community start up programs find grant funding through listings found at The website can be a little difficult to work through, but does have a lot of important information.

Best Website To Find Free Grant Listings For Students: is a non-profit website that assists students in finding grants, scholarship programs and internships through their college years and the first year out of college.

Best Website To Find Grants For A Small Business: The Small Business Administration, at is the best place to find information and free grant listings for a small business. The Small Business Administration helps small businesses get the solid starting base they need and helps them grow as business allows.

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