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How To Approach Strangers to Sell Avon


You have undergone sales training from Avon as a prerequisite to become one of their sales representatives. You have put your training into practice and gained success selling to people you know with relative ease. You now have to expand your client base. That means making sales pitches to total strangers.

What a daunting task! You can feel the sweat trickle down your back just thinking about it. You wish that there is an easier way to do it. The following tips might help.

Calm your nerves. You know the Avon products by heart. You have learned the art of demonstrating and highlighting the best features of each product. You just have to learn to curb your nervousness. Practice deep breathing exercises and focus on your goal- to make a sale.
Strangers are people too. Just like any person, keep in mind that friends and strangers alike have feelings and needs. You are the person to supply that need. They may also be shy, just like you.
Practice, practice. Practice makes perfect. A worn out saying that is still applicable today. Build your confidence before approaching strangers. Practice in front of the mirror. Watch instructional videos. Find the right method you are most comfortable with and perfect the technique until it becomes second nature to you.
Smile. When you are ready to approach your first stranger, give her your best smile. It is the best icebreaker. Make the proper introduction. Gauge the person’s reaction. If she shows interest, strike up a conversation and let her know your purpose in approaching her.
Display your products. What better way to show off your Avon products than by using and wearing them? Make it work to your advantage. Use the latest cosmetics that complement you, the latest clothes and accessories that suit you. Women tend to notice these things. When you receive compliments, use it to your advantage. Follow it up with your introductory speech.
Do not hard sell. People do not like the idea of being forced to buy. Be conscious of the other person’s reaction as you continue your sales pitch. Observe courtesy. If she shows disinterest, try another approach. If she is still not very interested, end the sales talk. Thank her for her time and let her know that she can get in touch with you if she changes her mind. Be sure to leave a product brochure and a business card with all your contact information.
Samples, brochures and business cards. Invest in these items. People love receiving free samples. These are also icebreakers. Attach your business cards to product brochures before you hand them out to new prospects. Give out samples to those who showed interest and listened while you talk. You may not have made an outright sale but with the samples, you have a reason to make follow up calls. Try to get the contact information of the people to whom you gave out brochures and samples and make follow up calls within a few days.

Being a sales representative takes perseverance and hard work. Approaching strangers to make a sale is a wall you have to climb. Learn to work around resistance. That stranger just might not be too receptive to direct sales pitch. Be sure to make your prospect feel comfortable with a friendly approach.

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