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How To Attract Customers to your Handmade Jewelry Business


If you own a handmade jewelry business, remember that other than the products, your success as a business is determined by your marketing strategies. The goal of marketing is to lure customers into buying your products. There are several ways to do this, and here are some ideas.

Establish your online presence. Even if you are planning to sell exclusively in a store, it will be helpful to have your own website. Remember that a large part of people’s time is spent in the Internet, so it is only wise to invest in your online visibility. When putting up a website, make sure to pay for a domain name and hosting services. Design the website in a way that will flag your identity as a handmade jewelry business. Come up with a catalog, so the visitors can easily browse the products you are offering. Include the price and the materials in your catalog. Have a Contact Us page as well, just in case the visitors want to find out more about your products.
Have an interesting jewelry display. You should display your jewelry products in a presentable, interesting, and customer-attracting manner. The key here is to have them stop by and take a look at the display. The longer you can keep them looking through the display, the more you can encourage them to buy. Remember: You need to get their attention and make them interested in your products. There are different ways to display jewelry products. Consider making a research.
Make unique and attractive packaging. Although it is very rare to meet people who will buy just because of the box the jewelry comes with, it won’t hurt your business to have a unique, beautiful, and functional packaging. It will set you apart from other handmade jewelry businesses, thereby creating your business identity. It will also give your customers some sort of a freebie, especially if the packaging is truly functional; that is, if it can double as a souvenir box or a decorative item.
Join trade fairs. Trade fairs are good avenues to market your products and gain new customers. Make sure to bring many of your bestsellers items to the trade fairs and offer huge discounts. Hand flyers to the customers. The flyers should have all the important information about your business, including your website and brick-and-mortar store.
Have a custom-design service. Customers want custom-made products, so make it a point to offer this kind of service. Have them choose a design from you catalog. They can provide the materials for the jewelry or you can buy them yourself.
Post an advertisement in your local newspaper. If you have the budget, consider advertising your business. An advertisement is especially helpful if you are planning to run a store-wide sale. Make sure to place the advertisement in a prominent part of the newspaper.
Hold a small workshop in your store. Organize and teach a jewelry-making workshop. Post posters in your store and distribute fliers. These posters and fliers should lead interested people to your store, who, by just looking through your display, might get interested in your jewelry products as well. On the day of the workshop itself, make sure to update your jewelry display to attract workshoppers to buy.

These strategies might take some time to turn into a sale. So be patient. With persistence, all these will definitely bring money to your store.

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