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How To Become a Retail Distributor


Retailing is the sale of merchandise or goods from a fixed location, such as a boutique or kiosk, departmental store or by mail, in individual or bulk for direct consumption by the end user. The end user or the purchaser may be businesses or individuals. Retailing to the manufacturing marketers is a process of overall distribution strategy. Mail order and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions in online retailing are forms of non-shop retailing.

A retail distributor is an individual, company or a business that supplies or sells goods or materials to businesses or the general public. They are the middleman between consumers and product manufacturers and can range in size from an individual selling a single product type from home or a store to bigger corporations such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc. With the rise of Internet marketing, retail distribution has moved into a different dimension altogether! If you are looking to becoming a retail distributor, here is how…

Educate yourself

It is necessary that you read up on various innovations in trade publications and industry issues and educate yourself on retail distributing. Taking up basic courses in accounting and business management at a local community institute or college will help give you a theoretical background in business. Check out various programs for gaining knowledge on specific topics such as Internet marketing, ecommerce technology, etc.

Gather information on product lines

Sticking to areas of your interest will help concentrate and focus on specific product lines. For example, if you are good with kids, you may want to consider starting a toy store that offers a wide range of toys and entertainment products to kids! Gather information on manufacturers, product information, prices and their contract policies for selling to distributors. Invest time to gather information on the market by reading research articles on the products and industry you are considering.

Make a business plan

Make a detailed estimate of money you will need to start with for tasks such as product handling, storage facilities, a store or online website and inventory. Include shipping cost and inventory, expenses for rent, advertising, salaries and miscellaneous expenses in your budget plan. This plan should also illustrate the products you will deal with and the expected volume.

Business strategies to stand out from the crowd

It is important for you to be original and stand apart from your competitors! Research the market well to gather the best understanding of the products you are considering, check out what your competitors are doing to get consumers’ attention. You do not need to follow the same rules as your competitors, your goal is to research and identify opportunities in the market and to tag a suitable price to the product line, provide the best quality of products and service, gaining and maintaining customer satisfaction with repeat orders! It is essential in this type of business to combine your research with best strategies to create and develop a retailing concept that grabs and holds your customer’s attention to maintain a successful business.

Use Internet marketing as a tool to attract customers to your physical location or store. Conducting promotional campaigns and advertising over the Internet at a minimal cost can be helpful to get your customers’ attention and make them visit your physical store!

Secure financing is the next important requirement. Every business undergoes a profit or loss cycle, so be ready to invest enough of your own money or raise enough capital to maintain a buffer for downtimes and ensure your credit history is clean and well-balanced.

Contact the state and local regulatory agencies to obtain licenses and necessary permits applicable to your line of business.

Keep your early expectations modest as it is rare that a start-up succeeds in its first year! Keeping costs low and supplying the best quality of products and services should be your main focus. Maintain a steady and moderate pace than galloping much too fast!

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