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How To Build a Powerful Brand of Your Product


Branding from a business viewpoint is your ability to produce something in a unique manner. Branding has been the basis of the success of the most successful companies in the world today, for example, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Volvo, Mercedes, Evisu. If you want to be successful like them, you have to follow some simple but great guidelines of building a strong brand. I have arranged all you need together for you here. Nothing is impossible and unreachable if you have faith in whatever you want to do. The laws are as follows.

Step 1
Choose a name. To start anything, you have to think of what to call it, and visit search engines to find out if the name is still available. The name of your product, organization, and company is very important. It has to reflect what you intend to do or what you have to offer to your customers.

Step 2
Level of quality. Quality is a very important aspect of branding. Before you buy a product from a company, you must have heard about the name and you must have an idea about what they offer to their customers. For example, if you want an automobile and you are considering buying it because of safety, a lot of brands come to mind but one comes to mind as built around security only, which is Volvo.

Step 3
Publicity. If you don’t make your product public, you might be the only one aware of it. People have to know your product by making it public–publicity gives birth to your brand, it promulgates it as far as you want it to go. With publicity, people get to comment on your product.

Step 4
Advertising. Do not confuse advertising with publicity–they are different. Advertising keeps your label, product, etc. alive and healthy. It maintains leadership of a brand–no wonder why millions are being channeled to it every year by companies all over the world. A Chinese firm paid David Beckham to advertise their product during the World Cup in 2002–their sales went up about 300% the next day and they made a lot of money from it.

Step 5
Creating something new. This is the hardest aspect of branding. If you are doing the same thing as someone who started something similar ten years ago, then you must be ready to work hard to get customers to believe that your product is better. Nintendo started video games with the use of cartridges and they were very popular but Sony PlayStation brought another innovation to the world of video games by inventing games in CDs instead of the concept of Nintendo. Nintendo is still the leading brand in video games even though others believe that other games are better–the simple truth is that they will still lead for a long time to come because they started it first. So if you want to be strong, do something that has never been done before.

Step 6
Focus. You can do everything at the same time, but you have to narrow your brand (not expand it) because that is how you dominate a category. For instance, let us examine Nokia–they were into all kinds of stuff like phones, computers, electronics, machinery, paper and chemicals. But they became a powerful brand by focusing on mobile phones, and they now dominate that category. So, one thing at a time. A time to expand will come, but for now be focused.

With all the points I have given, I hope you will build a successful brand!

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Nagaraju Tadakaluri
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