How To Compare Low Cost Car Insurance In Oregon


Everyone wants to save money on their car insurance, Oregon drivers possibly more than most other drivers. The reason for that is that Oregon drivers pay some of the highest car insurance rates in the country.

If your car is being financed by a bank or other financial institution you may have only limited choices when it comes to comparing low cost auto insurance, but by comparing the rates offered by a variety of companies you can still save money the rates offered for the same policy by different companies can vary by several hundred dollars a year, so taking the time to make the comparison can really pay off.

Start by writing down how much of a deductible you can afford to pay in case you have a claim, and what coverage amounts you will need based on the age of your car, and the area where you live. If you live and drive in an area with a lot of new and very high-priced cars you may wish to take out higher Collision limits than you would if you normally drive in an area where most people drive older models. If your car is over 5 years old consider taking out the lowest amount of Comprehensive coverage offered or even dropping comprehensive coverage altogether.

Once you know what coverage amounts you are comfortable with, get online and find one of the many sites that allow you to quickly and easily compare auto insurance policies and premium costs.

Be prepared to answer quite a few questions, including questions on your driving history (accidents and tickets within the past 5 years) and even questions on your credit history before you can get your quote comparisons.

Consider the time spent getting rate quote comparisons as an investment in lowering your future car insurance premiums the more of an investment you make today, the greater your savings will be for years to come.

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